We will get your business register so you can:

- Be the business everyone wants to shake hands with. Registration is that stamp of trustworthiness, making partners and clients flock your way.

- Safe guard your personal treasures. Registering is like an invisible shield around your personal assets. AKA Limited liability.

- Dive into a world of tax breaks and incentives. Registering is like having a backstage pass to savings city.

The Details


—   Name-check with the state to ensure it's all yours.🔍
—   State fees.
—   Drafting + sending the essential Articles of Organization.
—   Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (this is like a social security number for your business)
—  Crafting the operating agreement.
—  Two 30-min heart-to-heart chats. One prior to filing the registration and one post-approval - we'll cover any Qs and guide you on next steps. 📞
—  Reminders so you won't miss any due dates. 📧

—  Complimentary S-Corp reclassification to keep those taxes lean (this magic trick's on us if you do your taxes with us!).
—  Free registered agent for the first year, ensuring no crucial mail slip through.📫


How to get started

1. Click on the *register now* button
2. Enter the information asked
3. Pick a date and time for our chat,
4. Process the payment.

It's that easy.

Take note

— Florida state takes about 5-7 business days to approve an LLC.

— Full payment of the service is due at time of booking.

— You will have the option to skip the first chat if you are ready to move forward with the service. If that is the case, we will extend our second chat to 60 min to answer even more questions. 


Imagine a reliable buddy who's always home to catch important deliveries for you. That's a Registered Agent! They get the official paperwork your business might receive. You need one for your LLC, and it can be you, a friend, or a company you hire – as long as they're always available in the state your business is in.

What's this 'Registered Agent' thing I keep hearing about?

Think of an LLC like a casual coffee shop hangout: it's relaxed and gives you a safety net if business deals get rocky. The money you make or lose goes straight to your pocket, and you pay taxes just like always.

A corporation is more like a formal dinner party. There's a specific setup with people in charge, and there's a bit of a tax double-dip: the business pays its own taxes, and then if you get some money from it, you pay taxes on that too.

How is an LLC different from a corporation?

With an LLC, your business money flows directly to you, and you report it on your usual tax forms. So, no doble taxation here- it's as if you earned the money personally.

How will an LLC change how I handle my taxes?

Alexa martinez

I am so happy that my partner and I chose Flor to help us start our business and handle our taxes. She has helped us save so much money! Flor is very kind and professional, I recommend going to her for sure!

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Florida LLC Registration


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