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Our consultation service is for you if...
  • You are looking for small business consulting in the early stage of your business.
  • You have specific questions about your freelance and/or business finances.
  • You need help making the best decisions for your accounting and tax needs.
  • You received an IRS letter and need help to understand the letter or knowing the next step.
  • Need to work on a payment arrangement with the IRS.
  • Any other questions you may have on how to run your business and its compliance.

NOTE: If you are a monthly all-inclusive accounting member, please use the unique link you received at sign-up to book your consult for free.

The Details

How to get started

1. Click on the button above that shows the time you need
2. Enter the information asked
3. Pick a date and time for our chat
4. Process the payment.

It's that easy.

Take note

— Be sure to be ready with pen and paper to take notes. 

— Full payment of the service is due at time of booking.

— If any research is further needed in order to answer your question, we will send you the answer via email. 



Hey, while we pride ourselves on knowing a ton, there are moments that need a bit more digging. If that happens, we'll tackle another question right away to make the most of our chat. Once we've unraveled the mystery, we'll shoot the answer straight to your inbox. 🕵️‍♂️📩

What if you do not have the answer to my question?

We're fully digital and always a click away! Your consultation will be a cozy video chat through Google Meet. Just pick a date and time, and we'll send over your link to join us. 

Will the consultation be in person?

It is really unlimited as long as it fits the time alloted. In a 30-min consult, we typically address 2-3 questions. But, just like a good coffee chat, it's all about the richness of the topic! ☕

How many questions can I ask?

Tori Vargas

I had a consultation with Flor and she created a plan for me on how to restructure my business, and offers regular support as I am a new entrepreneur. Flor made me feel confident, I know exactly how to proceed and I look forward to continuing with Flor for all my solo entrepreneur tax needs.

Business Owner

$150 - $220

you got questions, we have the answers!


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