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We help motivated entrepreneurs get more out of their business and achieve their ideal lifestyle through proactive accounting.

Passionate tax strategist whose first priority is helping motivated entrepreneurs achieve better results (results that reflect on their bank accounts and lifestyle).

about us

You like the flexibility offered by a virtual service with appointments through videoconferences.


You want to increase your productivity, save time and money without hiring more employees.


Your goal is to reduce your taxes to keep more of what you earned and create passive income with your savings.


You want to have pristine finances, so you don't miss any business investment opportunity.


We are a great option for you if you are looking for a proactive solution to your finances. It's not just about entering numbers on a spreadsheet! How we earn and manage our money is an integral part of how we enjoy our lives. That's why we spend endless hours creating the services and tools that will improve your bottom line and your lifestyle.

We are for you if...

Accounting with purpose & soul is what we're all about.


Our Philosophy

We believe that you should never do business without having a path to success, our mission is based on finding what you want to get from your business and helping you make it happen.

Our success is to lead you to your success, whatever it means to you.


Human connection

Yes, we are a 90% virtual firm, but we understand that it is important not only to be flexible but also to create a human connection.

Creating a community around our service is a priority for us, so that our clients can feel our support as well as the support of our other clients.

How we achieve this:
  • Our members have access to other entrepreneurial minded members through our shared space
  • Annual activity where all our members and clients have the opportunity to share in a non-virtual space.
  • Access to our team via video call so you can see the face behind the voice.

We, like you, value doing things well and under the law because what we least want is to give you results with questionable methods that later result in fines and problems with the law.

We use the laws and tax codes authorized by the IRS and other departments to get you the best result without having to jeopardize your future.


We believe that keeping your business on track with compliance and administration shouldn't be difficult. This is why we have spent countless hours creating the services we offer.

We understand that you can't wear every hat in your business and still expect to be productive. The do-it-all-yourself managing style can easily wear you down and make you a slave to your business.

We want to get you to the front of the line to take care of the money-making part of the business while we take care of the red tapes.

accounting, smooth like fine wine

Our mission is simple: Help you say goodbye to the old-fashioned, reactive style of managing your business accounting.

Instead, we offer a proactive accounting solution with the option of all-inclusive or "à la carte" services so that you make the decision of how you want us to incorporate into your business.

With virtual flexibility, so you can enjoy our service no matter where you are.

And with an innovative spirit, looking for new methods and solutions. Up to date with the new era of services.







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serving up certified numbers

Other Skills: Bilingual, facilitate passive income options.

Specialized in tax strategy and proactive accounting.

A team of 3 with excellent knowledge of the industry.

I help more than 80 companies to get funds during the pandemic.

In the industry since 2005, founder of the firm since 2019.

Flor has more than 15 years of experience in the accounting industry.

I am one of those who believe that time is worth more than money.

I am passionate about dry red wine, at room temperature.

I love detective movies, especially the ones that keep you intrigued until the end.

My favorite hobby is sitting in a cafe with a good cup of coffee to watch people go by.

Quick Facts About flor

centralized service to improve their lifestyle.

I feel the luckiest person to be able to say that today I spend a large part of my time assisting the most motivated and persistent entrepreneurs I have ever met.

Hello, I'm Flor, founder of Dinescu & Co. (also known as Flor Dinescu LLC). A Florida based accounting firm ready to help business all through the united states with their tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, compliance and much more.

I am a tax strategist who values balance and a collaborative culture. I consider myself a lover of controlling my own time and my income. And if you are here it is because surely, like me, you are an entrepreneur with the desire to do everything possible to have a better financial future for you and your family.

My passion for numbers began more than a decade ago. When I realized the potential that the accounting industry had in changing the financial situation of an individual.

I worked under the direction of various professionals in the industry before striking out on my own. With them I learned the tricks of the industry and the impact capacity it had.

In 2019 he decided to found my own virtual accounting firm with which I provide my Hispanic community with a flexible, dynamic and 

The Dinescu & Co. Founder, Tax Strategist

Meet Flor Dinescu

Create a brand identity from scratch.

Where all the best ideas are thought of:

I was born and raised in the Federal District, Mexico. I've always been passionate about bringing pages to life through color and design, so it wasn't hard deciding on a Marketing degree.

I like to spend my free time traveling and sharing flirty drinks with friends and colleagues.

My weakness: Desserts!

Ana Laura Q.

brand strategist

Watch decoration videos in YouTube


I was born in the Dominican Republic. I am a happy person! I like to smile and listen to others, always looking for the positive in situations. Committed to what I do without forgetting responsibility and detail.

My Passion: Business.

Preferred time of the day: Morning

Flor Q.


The beach

my favorite place:

I am Dominican, from the province of San Cristobal. As is normal in my country, I started in the world of work very young, so I had to learn about personal budgeting and finance at a very early age. I have always been attracted to numbers, which is why I decided on accounting.

Personally, I am a woman who chooses to be happy and live one day at a time, I love nature and seek to learn something new from everyday life.

Barbara G.

Administrative Assistant

Dinescu & Co.'s Dream Team

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— Tesherri rouse - Contractor

"Saved $10k thanks to Flor's tax code knowledge"

— Anya Curiel - Starts with art llc

" I am finally receiving the kind of creative and strategic advice I have been seeking for years"

— Esteban Saenz - Landlord

 I always learn something new with Flor! Its so fun to work with her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

— Dania Perez - Dania Hair Salon

"Flor helped me get $10k in grants for my business"

— Josias Guzman - Owner of Mobil Logistics Services LLC

And I have not even mention the savings by not having to pay penalties since everything is done on time and correctly.

Thank you Flor for everything you have done for me and my company.


Working with Flor is still the best investment I've ever made! I did the math! the time and money saved with accounting membership is priceless. I used to waste 5-8 hours a week on paperwork (which I didn't know how to do well anyway). Now I invest these hours in generating more $ and what difference has it made.