Benefits of Having Your Children In Payroll


May 19, 2022


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Ever considered hiring your children? Ooook, so the hand of the child in the picture is a bit too young, we know! but we couldn’t find a picture of an older child that matched our website colors! 😉 so here is a disclaimer… In order for this tax strategy to work, your child must be capable of performing the work you hire him/her for.

As a business owner, hiring your children can be a beneficial way to get some tax-free dollars (and even contribute to their savings).

Here’s how it works:

Based on the 2022 Standard Deduction, your child can make $12,950 per year without having to file a tax return.

Best part:

You won’t even have to pay payroll taxes or income taxes as the employer (and parent).

Keep in mind that this only works if you’re a Sole Proprietor or an LLC…

And it doesn’t apply if you operate an S-Corp or C-Corp

However, you can work your way around that by setting up a management company as an LLC or a sole proprietorship…

And then pay a legitimate management fee or expense to said management company.

Here’s how this could look:

Your S-Corp or C-Corp pays your management company (an LLC or Sole Proprietorship) a management fee of $12,400.

Your children are on the payroll at this management company…

And you then disperse the $12,400 income to your children, causing a non-taxable event.

Once you get behind it, it’s quite straightforward to implement – and your tax advisor can help you figure out the details.

And understanding deductions is just one of many legal strategies you can follow to stop overpaying Uncle Sam.

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